The value of INTER Files consists of goods of different types and world values. A certain, unchanged quantity of each product included in the "IF value table" is permanently attached to one INTER File. Real products are tied to INTER files, including food, chemicals, metals, electricity, etc. etc. To determine the cost of one INTER file, the sum of all prices is divided by the number of goods.


Unique table of attached products to INTER Files.

  Date of the last update of data in the table - 2018.10.09


For the convenience of most Internet users, the cost of INTER Files in USD (temporarily) 1 IF = 0.198 $ The minimum number of files required to determine the value is 100 pieces. The value of 100IF on the date of updating the table is equivalent to $ 19.84



The plot of the value of the deposit for 100IF







All prices are taken from real sources. Prices for some goods from international commodity exchanges.
The average salary and prices for some goods are taken from different countries of the world (the amount received, when all the salaries or prices for a particular product are combined, from each country in the list, is divided by the number of countries). Update the table on a monthly basis.


Countries to determine the average price of some products:

Germany (Berlin), China (Beijing), Russia (Moscow), USA (Washington),
Japan (Tokyo), Australia (Canberra), Brazil (Brasilia), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), South Africa (Cape Town),
India (New Delhi), Canada (Ottawa), England (London), Kazakhstan (Astana), Mexico (Mexico), South Korea (Seoul).


For even greater independence of INTER files, the number of attached products can be increased. Which certainly is a huge plus to the value of INTER Files.

* It is very unlikely, but the goods in the table can be replaced by others only in an exceptional case. Such an exceptional case may be the disappearance of goods on the world market, or the disappearance of this product from the market in more than 50% of the countries listed above. The type and the name of the goods for replacement is approved on the website, following the results of the vote of the IF owners. If necessary, such an event will be sent a special message for the "creeping line" in the program Safe INTER Files.


INTER Files - this is the etalon of value.
Now and certainly in the future, INTER Files is the only tool in the world that has absolute value and is the best choice for using it as money.
INTER Files are not an analogue of modern money or any modern currency, in any form
(fiduciary money, crypto currency, etc.)

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