Recommendations on safety.

These are just recommendations. If you are confident in your operating system and the reliability of the channel to access the Internet, you do not need recommendations.

Pay special attention, the creators of System INTER Files strongly DO NOT recommend using an SSD drive for a virtual machine and working with the Safe INTER Files program. Since it is impossible to recover data from an SSD that has exhausted its clock!

Create a new virtual machine. Install the original, "clean" Windows 7 operating system. Install all updates. Unzip the archive to any location on the virtual machine and start using the INTER Files system. Try to change the encryption key (it's the activation key) in the program as often as possible. E-mail addresses can be used only two, changing them in turn each time you receive a new key for encryption. The main thing is to take care of the security of each E-mail. As for espionage from Microsoft itself, this is your personal concern for the operating system. To resolve the issue, if it disturbs you, we recommend that you ask Google "almighty" about the problem of espionage from Microsoft.



Access recovery.

If the impossible happened, you lost the virtual machine with the program Safe INTER Files, forgot the password to enter the program, etc. please contact us by e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the letter, you must specify the main ID (64 characters, screenshot below) of the program,

ID 64

which you need to copy and save on paper, next to your personal documents, immediately after registration. Also, specify the last two e-mail addresses used to obtain encryption keys in the SIF program. And E-mail for contacting you. Naturally, you have access to the two specified E-mails, because to you there will be additional questions about the system messages to these addresses.


All this is relevant if the password is stored on the server (in the screenshot, the button in the program window).

button save password


If there is no saved password on the server - recovery of access is impossible!
If there is no saved master ID (64 characters) - recovery of access is impossible!
If you do not have access to the last two E-mails, you can not restore access!
If there is no message of the IF system to E-mail - access recovery is impossible!
Do not delete the latest IF message received on your E-mail!




If you need anonymity for transferring files in the IF system, you only need:

     1. when receiving IF - delete the message that accompanies the transfer of files.
     2. When transferring IF - delete the log file "log.log" in the program directory and empty the safe from which the INTER files were transferred.

There is no anonymity when receiving files for an unlimited lease or when returning files from an unlimited lease.



INTER Files - this is the etalon of value.
Now and certainly in the future, INTER Files is the only tool in the world that has absolute value and is the best choice for using it as money.
INTER Files are not an analogue of modern money or any modern currency, in any form
(fiduciary money, crypto currency, etc.)

E-mail address for contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.