What, when and how does the program code write to INTER files?

   For "System INTER Files", a unique software was developed and created.
Including: servers for various purposes, the client program "Safe INTER Files", program generators, scanner programs, etc. Special software generators create separate databases for INTER Files, as well as registers of these databases and files in them. A total of 101559956668416000 files will be generated, this is the maximum possible number of IFs. Generation of files is performed depending on the possibility of investment. The money invested by users on the bank account of the system is invested as collateral for the IF lease. The INTER Files system acquires goods tied to files, and also invests monetary funds in enterprises for the production of these goods. To prevent speculation on the deficit or the excess of available files, the daily limit of generation is regulated by the system.

Why do we need these INTER Files at all?

   And why do you need gold for example? Or ... why do you need shares of some factories, corporations, etc.? etc.? Or ... why do you invest your money in real estate and other values?

   But, both gold and other values in our time can be simply bought up all over the world, and are concentrated in the hands of some over-rich man or a narrow circle of very rich people. Moreover, this has already been done. Now this person or a group of people can (and do this) simply assign their own, the prices they need, everything they bought.

   Another question for what, for what money did they buy the goods they needed? Where does a person have such a sum of money? Although looking what to use as money. If USD is, it's not real money. Money should be something that is provided and have its value. USD banknotes are simply colored paper, like "candy wrappers" that are not tied to anything, even to sweets (humor), and nothing real is provided, except for nobody with the necessary cost, and therefore do not have their own value. US dollars do not have value, but they have worldwide popularity, imposed through advertising, cinema, private banks, the IMF, WTO, the FRS and military incursions into different countries of the world.

   INTER Files are thought up as a price standard, and they will never change their value, as the standard of mass does not change its weight, for example, or how the second does not change its time in an atomic clock.

IF have their own, unchanging value and can be transferred to other users of the system on the Internet.

   And if you are a reasonable person, be sure that using INTER files, unlike the use of USD and plastic cards, from two known payment systems, you will not finance any terrorists, production of offensive weapons for export, production of deadly food products, programs sterilization of women in the "third world" countries, special technologies for overthrowing governments around the world (color revolutions). In Europe, the United States and Canada, there will be noticeably fewer members of governments with mental illness (members of sexual minorities) and senile marasmus.


Is the central bank of any country in the WTO an agent that works against the state?

Of course. The central bank is really a branch of the Federal Reserve System. Because the Central Bank, first of all, creates a demand for green paper. And green paper is the production of the FRS printing press. In the last century, all restrictions on the emission of the Federal Reserve's printing press were removed, when the Bretton Woods system was dismantled. With her, there was a gold standard, which was a kind of restraining brake. It was impossible to let out any green paper. Now you can do it.

And what, the INTER Files system does not use the banking system?

   Naturally, System INTER Files works through banking systems. Otherwise, however you could transfer your funds to IF. And this need will be the case, because the salary of citizens of any state is paid in the currency of this state, and all calculations for sale and purchase are made in currency, and all operations with the currency are handled by the banking system. But, the less people of the whole world will use plastic cards, from two known payment systems, and use the services of commercial banks in general, the less funding is available for those areas indicated above.
The answer is obvious, use IF for exchange for goods and in barter transactions!
Use INTER Files as a gift! (only flowers are better)
You can give your duty to a neighbor INTER Files and he will be pleasantly surprised. (the cost of IF is constantly growing)
At the conclusion of any contract, a contract of employment, or a bet with a bookmaker, etc. Specify a cost in IF in a separate item. (extremely necessary for long-term contracts, do not have to take into account inflation and currency depreciation)

Why is IF a value?

   INTER files are tied to some products in the real world, each of which has its value. If you for some reason missed the page of the site Value, be sure to open it and see.

And why do we need anonymity when using files?

   And why do we need anonymity when using cash in the real world? In System INTER Files, 100% anonymity is available when you own and use INTER files. It only takes to delete the messages and the log file accompanying the file transfer. To clear the history of messages, the user must click on the special window (program Safe INTER Files) for viewing messages, on the "clear" button, and also delete the log file "log.log" from the program directory. It is recommended to do this more frequently to increase the speed of the background processes from the program.

Where does the money come from?

   When you receive INTER Files for an unlimited lease, with the right to transfer, in other words, you become the owner of the IF for an indefinite period, you deposit the amount of your money on the system account. These collateral means the INTER Files system, invests in certain products and their production. Naturally only in those goods and their production, which are tied to INTER files. Thus, the amount of collateral from the accounts of the system is converted into certain goods and enterprises for their production. In addition, because of the difference in price, between the delivery and receipt of files from the lease, a certain buffer of "hot money" is created, which is used daily, without drawing serious funds from the fixed capital invested in goods and enterprises.

Where, when and how much is rent charged?

   All funds for maintenance costs for employees and servers come from the rent for the ownership and use of IF. These are certain percentages of the system that are collected when users transfer files, the percentage ranges from 0% to 3% for the user's choice. Without interest (free transfer) if the number of IF from 1 to 50 pcs. inclusive. That is, the minimum file transfer is free! Where else can you find free, international transfers?

See the video about working with Safe INTER Files.

Is it similar to the crypto currency and the "blockchain" technology?

   Of course not. INTER Files are not analogous to money or any currency in any of its forms (fiduciary money, crypto currency, etc.) What "it" seems to be painted on the main page of the site.

   IF is not tied to "simple piece of paper" (USD) as a crypto currency. INTER files are not traded on dubious, regularly "disappearing" with money clients, trading floors. Crypto currency has become, unfortunately, a simple tool of speculators and some scammers. This is naturally due to the absence of any centralization and the alleged absence of some kind of responsible. Although many welcome the fact that there is no centralization and responsible for all uncontrolled (as it seems) chaos, what is happening in the market of crypto-currency.

   And now imagine that all the so-called "crypto-currency exchanges" will "disappear" at once, or just people will understand that the "blockchain" technology is not so irreproachable and its application is not advisable for anything. What will you do with the amount of the crypto currency that you have left? Who will you sell it to, if it is not needed by anyone? That's right, you will incur losses. What is absolutely impossible to imagine for INTER Files, as the files you have in perpetual lease and at any time you can return them back and take your money with profit (the cost of IF is constantly growing).

Where and how to rent files?

   To receive perpetual lease INTER Files are possible only through the client program "Safe INTER Files". How to do it you can see in the video "Creating safe and how to rent IF".

Still have questions?

   If you have any additional questions, it is probably worthwhile again, more carefully and meaningfully, to read the entire site, in order to answer the question: "What is INTER Files (IF)?". If the question remains, then it's too early for you to have IF or files at all not for you!

   For all and everyone in the world there are freely convertible numbers in virtual accounts, as well as real, freely convertible "simple piece of paper" for wallets and pockets.

Server time of system in UTC format.
Server maintenance is daily from 8:00 to 8:10 (rarely from 8:00 to 9:00).

INTER Files - this is the etalon of value.
Now and certainly in the future, INTER Files is the only tool in the world that has absolute value and is the best choice for using it as money.
INTER Files are not an analogue of modern money or any modern currency, in any form
(fiduciary money, crypto currency, etc.)

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