The program Safe INTER Files (SIF) does not need to be installed on your computer. Just download the archive, unzip the content to any location, run Safe_IF.exe, accept the restart, run Safe_IF.exe again and register the user. It is recommended to watch the video about working with the program. At the moment the program works exclusively in Windows 7, 8.1, 10.

Development for mobile devices and other operating systems is not currently conducted.







The program Safe INTER Files (executable file - Safe_IF.exe) is created using the Autoit programming language Because of the features of Autoit (no multithreading), the program runs its executable files in the background while running (replenishes the lack of multithreading by running separate processes). When you first start the program, 6 files (Safe_IF.exe, Timas.exe, UpRst_IF.exe, okno.exe, news_up.exe, loderuner.exe) are automatically added to the firewall exceptions (you need to reboot the operating system), but in excluding your antivirus these files you need to add it manually. (five .exe files are in the / zpic / ... directory)



INTER Files - this is the etalon of value.
Now and certainly in the future, INTER Files is the only tool in the world that has absolute value and is the best choice for using it as money.
INTER Files are not an analogue of modern money or any modern currency, in any form
(fiduciary money, crypto currency, etc.)

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