INTER Files (IF) is a completely new concept in the IT world. Now and certainly in the future, INTER Files is the only tool in the world that has absolute value and is the best choice for using it as money.

Files INTER are created as a standard of the price of something. IFs are ordinary, computer files containing text data. In each, in a certain order, data is recorded for 16600 pixels, which can be viewed using the "Safe INTER Files" program. Also, additional information is written to identify the file and its owner. All files and software for working with INTER Files (IF) belong to one unique, high-tech, computer system. The INTER Files system is designed for generation, storage, circulation and recycling of files. In fact, the files are parts of the unique, source code of the program "Safe INTER Files", generated and recorded in the text files of the system once and for all!


    The invariable value of files is the etalon of value.
    100% anonymity for owners of INTER Files.
    100% protection against theft, forgery and spoofing.
    When receiving files in each, the owner's ID is registered (analogous to a personal signature).
    The uniqueness of the text and the visual representation of this text guarantees the uniqueness of each IF.
    These files are a kind of artwork, but created by electronic machines.
    It's not just a few numbers in some kind of registry, like somewhere on the Internet or in a real bank.
    INTER files are better than the "Golden Standard" itself, which was once the benchmark of the price.
    A small amount of storage (HDD, SSD), just 3.33 MB (3493888 bytes) on a disk for 1000 IF.
    The transfer of files is not controlled by anyone other than the owner (like "cash" in the real world).
    Transfer cancellation or return of transferred INTER Files to another user of the system is impossible.
    Guaranteed return of collateral, these guarantees are not available for any currency in the world, nor for any other, any value.
    Server prophylaxis every 24 hours, maximum from 08:00 to 09:00 (UTC format), usually 5-10 minutes.
    Servers are located in inaccessible places for casual people or unscrupulous employees of some kind of data centers, which in turn significantly increases the security of the system.
    There are no alternatives on the Internet and there was no (for the real world, technology is too expensive).

Imagine that if every banknote in your wallet were printed with your personal signature on it! And in the register of the International Monetary Fund as well, a banknote with a unique number and specific dignity, is registered with your signature. This gives a 100% guarantee that at the moment it is you, and no one else, who owns it.

The main reasons for choosing INTER Files as a standard price unit are:

    1. The invariable value of files is the etalon of value.
    2. Identification by unique signatures in each file.
    3. Durability, unchanged storage, divisibility and integration.


Gold has long been not a standard price, now it's just a commodity on the market, with a variable cost. Any bank in any country in the world, in exchange for dollars or any other currency, absolutely can not give you anything. The banks have nothing but the same paper or plastic cards. USD is just numbers, plastic bank cards and bank notes. There is no such currency in the world that is provided with state property or other, unchanging values.

Unlike modern currencies, which are used as money, IF is tied to a whole cluster of goods. The special program "Safe INTER Files" will give an opportunity to own INTER files. With this program it is possible to store and collect text IF files, view their visualization, and also transfer files to another user of "System INTER Files".


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INTER Files - this is the etalon of value.
Now and certainly in the future, INTER Files is the only tool in the world that has absolute value and is the best choice for using it as money.
INTER Files are not an analogue of modern money or any modern currency, in any form
(fiduciary money, crypto currency, etc.)

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